Enterprising Movable Type

Once upon a time, Six Apart were thought to be developing three products: Movable Type, TypePad, and Movable Type Pro.

The question is, Is Movable Type the right solution for the enterprise?

Basically, my terrible meeting taught me that just as MT 2.6 was often made much more useful to individuals and small companies by the simple plug-ins available, MT 3.0 will only be able to penetrate the corporate market through extension by professional developers. - Ari Paparo

Or should there be another product like MT Pro?

My advice? If you want to charge for corporate licensing - here's a thought: make it a commercial product. It's not. What does MT do that would appeal to commercial enterprises? Does it facilitate commerce? Does it have a robust email tool to reach large numbers of people? Does it provide for automated advertising? Is it secure? The answers to all above are...no. - mkrempasky

Maybe the question to ask is whatever happened to Movable Type Pro?