Leaving Weblogs.com

Thanks to the weblog community for embracing the Weblogs.Com site, and for working with UserLand, even though some think we're the Microsoft of this little corner of the Internet. (One weblogger calls me the equivalent of Bill Gates, without the power, money or looks!) - Dave Winer

Many people are in the process of leaving Weblogs.com (whether they like it or not). Of course, unlike most of us who were able to switch away from Movable Type in a few hours, they don't have access to their own data.

Anyway, as I did with Movable Type, I thought it would be worthwhile to investigate how to make a move.

Apparently, you can use this tool to export your site to Radio Userland. Moving is probably the easiest route. Right after finding another Manila Host which Rogers is advocating.

Assuming you are looking for a new tool and you have your data in an XML (aka RSS) Format, you should be easily able to switch to Serendipity or WordPress. There are probably some other tools as well.

My recommendation (via John Robb) is to get your own domain name. And seriously consider whether (via Mark Pilgrin) your blogging tool is actually free.