The Power of PageRank

I am a big believer in PageRank. I have performed more than one experiment with it. I have started more than one site with zero pagerank just to see how I could get fast I could make them a success. You can read some of my other writings on the subject.

Third Superpower and PageRank and PageRank

In this case, I chose to support Anil because I thought he asked nicely enough. I also chose to do it because I wanted to show that even though I am unhappy with some of the recent business decisions that SixApart has made, there were no personal feelings involved.

I also believe that the blogosphere has the power to make postive change and PageRank helps us do that. This was a good experiment to see what we could do. And it worked out pretty well.

If anyone thinks I did the wrong thing, you have my humble apology. If I had happened across someone else's post first, I might have done things different. But the fact I didn't is significant of something as well.

This post started out as a comment. But the Blogger editing interface works better for blogging than commenting at this point.