Around a year ago, I happened across this quote.

Movable Type, Textpattern and WordPress, have made this possible for a whole range of people; from web designers to writers, all with little or no knowledge of HTML. - zlog

Today, one day short of a year later, I happened across this one.

Well since MT is no longer aimed at just the average weblogger that wants to talk about politics or his/her life, 6A haven’t bothered including features like a Link Manager or even Typelists for that matter. In the context of MT, these things really don’t need to be built into the app as they would just increase bloat. - Arvind

When the first quote was written, MT was my only choice. Now it is a distant third. Textpattern has become my first love, but WordPress has many features that it lacks at present. Only if neither of them will do, will I look to MT.

I still find that somewhat depressing.