The Freedom to Blog

Shelley Powers is upset with Marc Cantor over his betrayal of a Confidence. Up until now, I have been largely indifferent over this whole Product Placement argument. But I am firmly on Shelley's side.

The single biggest reason that the Internet has changed everything over the last ten years is not that it is world wide. Printing Presses have been around for centuries. It is not that it is immediate. Television has had global satellite capabilities since the late 1960's. It is the fact that it is low-cost.

Never before have so many people been able to say so much to so many others so cheaply.

The powers that be don't like that. The fact that a bunch of people saying what they think could say what they thought without answering to anyone (or even getting dressed) troubles them. They are trying to strike back. But even as they replace old faces with new ones, the new ones are still utterly out of touch.

I have a real job. Where I do real things. And get paid real money. And a very small portion of that money gets spent on some of the blogging that I do. I don't need Big Media or Old Media or some Marketing Executive to tell what or what not to write. And I won't.

Two last things: One way I judge CMS systems is by the quality of their websites. Marqui is not the worst I have seen, but it certainly doesn't inspire any confidence in me.

And if you can't think you can't afford to blog for free, try Blogger. If that isn't inexpensive enough, maybe you need to ask yourself if you actually have something to say.