Commenting on Ed Bott

This morning, I read this post.

News Hounds (motto: We watch FOX so you don't have to) reports on the latest Fox News fear-mongering. - Ed Bott

I decided to make a comment. I would recommend that you read it, only hours later it has yet to appear. Despite the fact that Ed has posted several things since then. In my comment, I linked to this post.

Do any of the wingnuts on the right seriously believe that if a terrorist can kill and injure people in London, England, that it can’t happen in Los Angeles, New York, Washington D.C., or any of a hundred of our cities? Even I don’t think they’re that dumb. It’s clear that they aren’t so stupid. It is plainly obvious that they do not care. - Oliver Willis

So to repeat as best as I can remember what I said earlier: Why is it "fear-mongering" when a terrorism expert makes a general statement but perfectly acceptable for a leftist like Oliver Willis to make the same point in a rambling, foundation-less attack on George W. Bush?

I am still waiting to find out.