Thursday, June 24, 2004 at Userland

We've had an internal project for about two weeks to redesign Weblogs.Com and to add a key new feature to the site, the ability to create a weblog on this site, from the home page of the site. - Dave Winer, March 19, 2000

We're going to start the transition to the new backend server for, now, at approx 2PM Pacific. Some things won't work at first. The three-hour queue will get flushed this one time. The changes file may not update for a few minutes. And it may take some time for the DNS change to percolate. But the backend will be faster when all this is done. - Dave Winer, March 17, 2003

In that management change it became clear that there were two sort of branches to userland. There was one which was the commercial products (which radio userland and manilla were the two products), and there was another branch that consisted of formats and protocols and open stuff that was non commercial. So we divided it along those lines, to keep the non-commercial stuff non-commercial, and to allow the commercial company--the product--to go forward unencumbered by a lot of obligations to do things for free, which really wasn't consistent with the mission of a commercial company. So, basically, things like,,,, stayed behind in the old company. And then we gave RSS to Harvard Law School, which then in turn released it under the Creative Commons License. Then we're going to take the Frontier kernel and release that under an Open Source license sometime this year. So we've gradually been moving sites off of userland servers onto servers I've bought and deployed here in Massachusetts. And we did the work with Lawrence Lee at Userland this last month to move the sites from Userland servers over to my servers. We saved the hardest sites for last, or the most significant sites for last, and the last two sites we did were and - Dave Winer, June 14, 2004

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

439 days

Remember when I wrote about the domain name I wanted so badly? The number in the title reflects the actual date I became interested in it. It actually took a mere 73 days for the registrar to release it.

Either way, it is mine, all mine.

Curious as to what domain it is? Well, go ahead and take a look.

Now, what should I do with it? Launch an anti-war site? Actually, I have something else in mind.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


Thanks to the weblog community for embracing the Weblogs.Com site, and for working with UserLand, even though some think we're the Microsoft of this little corner of the Internet. (One weblogger calls me the equivalent of Bill Gates, without the power, money or looks!) - Dave Winer

Many people are in the process of leaving (whether they like it or not). Of course, unlike most of us who were able to switch away from Movable Type in a few hours, they don't have access to their own data.

Anyway, as I did with Movable Type, I thought it would be worthwhile to investigate how to make a move.

Apparently, you can use this tool to export your site to Radio Userland. Moving is probably the easiest route. Right after finding another Manila Host which Rogers is advocating.

Assuming you are looking for a new tool and you have your data in an XML (aka RSS) Format, you should be easily able to switch to Serendipity or WordPress. There are probably some other tools as well.

My recommendation (via John Robb) is to get your own domain name. And seriously consider whether (via Mark Pilgrin) your blogging tool is actually free.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

The Power of PageRank

I am a big believer in PageRank. I have performed more than one experiment with it. I have started more than one site with zero pagerank just to see how I could get fast I could make them a success. You can read some of my other writings on the subject.

Third Superpower and PageRank and PageRank

In this case, I chose to support Anil because I thought he asked nicely enough. I also chose to do it because I wanted to show that even though I am unhappy with some of the recent business decisions that SixApart has made, there were no personal feelings involved.

I also believe that the blogosphere has the power to make postive change and PageRank helps us do that. This was a good experiment to see what we could do. And it worked out pretty well.

If anyone thinks I did the wrong thing, you have my humble apology. If I had happened across someone else's post first, I might have done things different. But the fact I didn't is significant of something as well.

This post started out as a comment. But the Blogger editing interface works better for blogging than commenting at this point.

Now I Know What Cool Means

Presenting for your edification:

michaelkpate at

Thanks, Avena!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Nigritude Ultramarine

When I think of Nigritude Ultramarine, I think of Anil Dash.

Anil is just the coolest guy when it comes to Nigritude Ultramarine. You, too, should support his campaign to promote Nigritude Ultramarine.

One man can make a difference. One man with Nigritude Ultramarine can make an even bigger difference.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Is Six Apart becoming Atomz?

I have had a vague distant memory running through my brain the last few weeks. It finally occured to me where it came from.

Adam Kalsey thought that Atomz was making bad business decisions. He eventually found out that personal websites were no longer a part of their business.

It all came back to me while I was this. Is Six Apart becoming Atomz? I hope so for their sake.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Popularity of TicTac

When I created this weblog, I chose TicTac for two reasons: it was extremely nice-looking and it was created by Dan Cederholm, who is one of my personal favorite web designers.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one to like. It is now available for both Blojsom and b2evolution. It has also been seen in use on a WordPress weblog.

I hope Dan (and the powers that be at Google/Blogger) don’t mind.